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Reviews & Raves:

“I read your book Windshifts and really enjoyed it. Several of my friends are cancer survivors, and I recommended it to them. Your story is very brave and courageous at the same time. It does not focus on the negative aspects of cancer, yet envokes a true spirit of survival and willingness to overcome many obsticles (like a hurricaine). I found the book very rewarding and will never forget your story of triumph and hope. I am glad you have such a terrific family who helped you through your ordeal. I hope your positive attitude overflow on to them and spill out into the whole world! Good luck, and I hope you remain cancer-free forever. BTW-I loved the pictures."
Cynthia Lang, Colorado Springs

"I just finished reading your book tonight and want to tell you how much I enjoyed every page! I vicariously enjoyed the adventures of yourself and your husband. How thrilling all of that must have been and you managed it all so well, even when the "cancer cannonball" landed in your lap or more aptly, your breast. I'm a breast cancer survivor myself -- will finish up my 5 years of Tamoxifen in June, thank you very much! I opted for a mastectomy, and therefore cannot personally relate to your chemo and radiation therapies, though you certainly have my empathy. Just know, that you are a WINNER, as well as a survivor. I first learned of your book from the Y-ME (A wonderful organization, but I'm not fond of the name)newsletter. As you mentioned in your book, you never once gave thought to "Why me?" Nor did I, I was just focused on getting rid of "it." Like you, I never felt "not well" and just couldn't believe what I was hearing.
A friend of mine send me a meditation tape which was recorded by Dick Sutphen. Ever hear of him? That tape was extremely helpful in relaxing me into getting some good sleep, in spite of the blasted hot flashes and night sweats. Therefore, when you mentioned that Ken recorded such tapes for you, I could certainly relate to their helpfulness. Funny, I'm seeking one or two new ones and lo and behold in the back of your book I see where I can go to Ken's site and see what he has available. I don't want to drag this out, but just wanted to thank you for sharing your story (and awesome adventures) so articulately. Be well, sister survivor. God Bless."
--Kathy Smith

"We finished your book at our Columbia Yacht club book club.  We all enjoyed it and it was fun to read a book knowing the writer.”
--Nemira Mack-Chicago, IL

"From the 75 locks through descriptions of your breast cancer treatment and all of your moorings and experiences, I was impressed, fascinated, and thinking of my sister who is on a 35' in the Berry Islands (Bahamas) right now. I marveled over your sketches. What a talent and good golfer too. Wish I could send the book to my sister but she has no address!"
--Bonnie Tinney- Sacramento, CA

“I loved it!!! I really felt I was along for the trip. I haven’t read such a good book in ages and I will recommend it to my book club.”
--Julie Murray- Rockford, IL

“I found Windshifts to be extremely inspirational and enlightening. In my hectic day to day life of running a business and having a family I forgot some of the bigger issues—thank you for bringing them to my attention again.”
--Mark Goble- Chicago, IL

"Once I started reading, I could not put your book down! I felt like I was on board, and along for the ride. I laughed and I cried. As you courageously fought and won the battle against breast cancer, I could relate with my mother's own battles with cancer (now undergoing chemo treatments). Your book has given me hope that I too can face my "windshifts" in life. God bless you for sharing your "windshifts" and being such an inspiration to us all-Thank you!! With love and gratitude."
-- Diana Bogad-Toronto, Ont. Canada

"Browsing through Tower Books here in Sacramento this morning, your recent book WINDSHIFTS, caught my eye for several reasons. My wife and I have done a little sailing. My son is a sailmaker and kite surfing instructor and lives on a boat in Rio Vista during the summer, and sails the Sea of Cortez in the winter on his 32 ft catamaran he salvaged in La Paz after a recent hurricane. We  live in a small fishing village below La Paz during the winter and ocassionally sail with our son. We are usually in Baja by this time each year, but got caught in a shifting wind one month ago when a routine mammogram on my wife showed a suspicious spot. So far our experience has been much like yours. Wire guided biopsy, lumpectomey, clear sentinal node. We are now researching treatment protocals before meeting with our oncologist this week. So reading about your recent experience, the emotions you felt, the disorientation you went through, the lessons you learned -- it was all helpful and reassuring. Thanks for sharing your experience. It boosted our spirits and gave us reassurances. All the best."
--Tom Spradley Author, DEAF LIKE ME

"You have done something that I have never even thought of doing and my horizons have been broadened by reading of your voyage. Your experience with breast cancer is eye-opening. Your personal reaction and journey was beautifully committed to the page and should be an enormous help to anyone going through that. Thanks for writing such an insightful book. And may you continue to be a "survivor".

Carolyn Fredley

"Bob and I both read your book and loved it. You have a wonderful command of imagery and make us all feel the way you feel. I am buying five more copies as gifts for all our grown children!"

Bob and Jean Hamblet

"What a great read! We were also sailors in our younger life. We had a 28 ft Columbia, most of our sailing was on Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. Sailing became too much work; we now have a 31 ft. power boat. Our new home is on the Saginaw River with our own dock at our front door, we are going to the  North Channel this coming summer." 

Jim and Jean McCue

“I just finished your book, Windshifts and I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed it! What a wonderful story of adventure, courage, and triumph over adversity. It made me laugh; it made me cry. I even got out all my maps and atlases and followed along to all your ports of call! But, underneath, I found a truly wonderful love story between two people sharing their lives. How lucky you are to have found each other! Your book touched me in ways I didn't expect and clarified for me some things that I have been trying to work out for the last couple of years. I am also sharing your book with my Mom who is battling breast cancer again. I am sure she will draw on your message of courage and hope. Thank you!”
--Susan Barham

'Your book was fascinating to read. What experiences you had together. You have such a way with words, your descriptive phrases made me feel as if I were with you on the boat at times! I appreciate the fact that you wrote about your fight with breast cancer. I will admit I had trouble reading about that. We lost a daughter to breast cancer in 1998. On the other hand, I am glad you wrote about it because of other readers who have gone through the same thing as you who will be able to relate and understand. One of those readers is my best friend. We have been friends since 1967. She is a three time cancer survivor. She had breast cancer 12 years ago and again in the other breast 9 years ago and then the first cancer metastasized in the lower lobes of both lungs three years ago. She has survived all of that and today she is 70 healthy years old and is up in Harbor Springs for a week of skiing!!! I am so proud of her.  I have shared your book with her. She has sailed quite a bit with her brother who lived on a boat for ten years. Thank you again for your book - for sharing it with us and for writing it."
--Luanne Rothstein

'I just finished reading Windshifts. I cannot resist telling you how much I enjoyed your book and your cruising adventure aboard 'Iniki". Your story was unique, and beautifully written. I couldn't put it down. Surely you have written other books, but if not, please do so at your earliest convenience. (My wife and I) downsized to a more practical Krogen 39 Trawler from a Fleming 55 Trawler, sold my business, retired and have just completed our first year aboard. We have accomplished about 4,000 miles in our first year and are heading for Montreal next summer, and them, who knows. People like you and Ken just plain leave me in awe of the human spirit and how it adapts to adventure and adversity. Thank you for the inspiration. Go well, and stay in the deep part."
Tom Cooper

'I had the good fortune of reading your book and I wanted to let you know how much I loved it!!! I felt like I was traveling with you, although I have been to very few of the locations that your travels took you to. I LOVE to sail and it would be a dream come true for me to experience an adventure like yours. Your rich details and descriptions of the places you went and the people you met were beautiful. I loved the way you experienced each new place and culture without bias or comparison to our American way of life-just embraced the richness of every location. As someone who has watched their mother, aunt, and many, many friends struggle with breast cancer, that part of your story was all too familiar to me. It appears that you came through the process, as so many women I know, as a stronger and more confident person. I hope you have remained cancer-free. Thanks for a fantastic vacation read. I enjoyed every page!!"
--Jane Heinzmann

“Your book is wonderful!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have loaned it to my daughter. The pictures were a great addition and helped me to "see" so much of your wonderful adventure.I'm so thrilled to have an autographed copy!  Please let me know if you write another.”
--Christine Cummings

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